Job Title Institution Job Type Job Start Date App Closing Datesort descending
Director of Financial Aid Saint Joseph's University Administration 2017-10-16 2017-08-25
Provost Seattle University Administration 2017-08-26
Manager, Employment Services Saint Joseph's University Staff 2017-09-05 2017-08-26
Assistant Director, Communications, Outreach, NRMN Boston College Administration 2017-08-28
Research Technician Boston College Administration 2017-08-28
Help Desk, Temporary Non Benefits Boston College Administration 2017-08-29
Assistant Professor of Sociology Boston College Faculty 2017-08-30
Area Coordinator, Student Affairs/ Residence Life Spring Hill College Staff 2017-07-05 2017-08-31
Visiting Professor in Applied Developmental Psychology Boston College Faculty 2018-01-01 2017-08-31
Coordinator of Student Integrity & Development Spring Hill College Staff 2017-08-01 2017-08-31
Attending RN (College Nurse) Spring Hill College Staff 2017-07-25 2017-08-31
Web Content Strategist Marquette University Staff 2017-07-01 2017-08-31
Graduate Program Recruiter Marquette University Staff 2017-07-01 2017-08-31
Accelerated Degree Program Coordinator Marquette University Staff 2017-07-01 2017-08-31
Director Human Resources Creighton University Staff 2017-09-01 2017-08-31